Friday, March 20, 2015

Recap of March 19th, 2015

Happy Birthday to Miss Jess! The team celebrated her special day with ice cream cones which to say the least is pretty special for teams in Haiti.Thanks for giving us a great excuse to go to DeliMart!
Today we toured Grace Village and as always I am amazed by the people God has brought into this organization. To see the family homes that now house the orphans in a setting that allows them to grow and develop into all that God has intended them to be is amazing. To see an organization say that we don't know how to do everything right, but we are willing to learn from others and from our mistakes is extraordinary. This is why God continues to work thru Healing Haiti.
Grace Village is truly a place where children who were once hopeless find hope, who once felt unloved are loved who once did not know Jesus, now call him Savior.
We also visited our Elders. We were so amazed at their faithfulness in following Christ. Some of their children and/ or grandchildren were there when we visited. To be able to share with them the legacy their grandparent was creating for them was such a blessing for us all. As we sang with them sometimes neighbors would come join us and together we worshiped our great God.

Thursday March 19th

Friends sharing Haiti!
Happy Birthday to this wonderful gal!

Family Style homes for the GV kiddos

Precious time with this lady

The power of human touch.

Serving generations

Once again being a vessel for the word of God
Cute couple - our new friend from Wisconsin

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18th, 2015

March 18th, 2015

Our team had an amazing day!  Our first stop was the home for sick and dying babies.  There we spent over 3 hours feeding, changing diapers, but most importantly giving love and affection to some of Gods precious children.  Their big brown eyes and smiles melted our hearts.
Next was Gertrude’s orphanage for children with special needs.  When we got to the gate we were greeted by one of the children with a handshake and a huge smile.  Upon checking in with the staff we sat down with the children and fed them lunch, which mainly consisted of rice, beans, and meat with a gravy sauce poured over the top.  After lunch, we had time to play on the playground and watch the children laugh and enjoy the time outdoors. 
Our next stop was the Apparent Project…a place where the Haitians take recycled materials and turn it into beautiful jewelry and wall art.   We had the opportunity to tour the facility and see the Haitians actually making the items, it was really cool!  The project is helping Haitian families stay together by giving them gainful employment and even offers free daycare to their workers.
The last stop was a grocery store.  It really wasn’t any different from the stores in the states except that chocolate was a lot of money!!!!

Joe and Angela

“God does not call the equipped.  He equips the called.”

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

                              The team may be small but we are mighty - our focus this week:
                           "Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience"

All kids want a safe place to hangout, Thanks Joe!

Meghan introduces Kate to Haiti - Priceless
Love these smiles!
Miracle in the making...Hope Church and School, Cite Soleil, Haiti
Travel Day was a SUCCESS! All team members arrive safely from 3 states. God is GOOD!