Saturday, January 18, 2014

So as of yesterday it is only 1 month before I will be back in Haiti!  I will be co-leading with Miss Lauren  who happened to be a 1st time goer along with myself in 2011.  It is amazing the people God's brings into your life when you surrender to his will.  Now is the time to encourage all your supporters to lift you up in prayer as we push toward our departure date.  I encourage you to being reading in your trip journals and bible as you prepare your hearts for our trip.  I have been praying for each of you and am so blessed to share this journey with each of you.  I am also getting a sense that we have quite a few of us that have a wonderful sense of humor which will be so important an we spend 24 hours a day together over a week!  Don't forget to reach out to your prayer partners and feel free to share on the team face book page you must be getting tired of seeing so much stuff from the two of us!

Sunday, January 12, 2014