Saturday, June 7, 2014

Grace Village & Wahoo Bay

We started out our morning today spending time with the kids at Grace Village. We put on an activity for the kids teaching them what they would do if they were a doctor evaluating a patient at a clinic, sang songs with the kids, and played with them on the playground, which we all loved. After that we got a relaxing afternoon at Wahoo Bay, and I have to say it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It's crazy to see how much poverty there is in Haiti, and yet in the midst of it is such astounding beauty. Seeing how beautiful the natural scenery of the mountains and the clear blue ocean is in contrast to Cite Soleil reminded me of the perfection of God's plan and His beauty.
In the middle of the poverty, in the poorest part of Cite Soleil, I could still look up and see the mountains and their beauty. What an image that is of God's glory and how he is so much bigger than this life and our sin and circumstances.

                                                                     Wahoo Bay

The starfish Spencer went down and got for us to see.

                             The kids wore masks to go with the activity on evaluating patients.
                                                  Working with kids at Grace Village
                                                Alissa loving on kids at Grace Village
                                             Some of the group got to go snorkeling today
                                                          Glory to God; Glwa pou Bondye

Friday, June 6, 2014

Today we got to head to Cite Soleil for our last water truck day. We worked hard filling buckets, carrying buckets to homes, and loving on babies.Then we got to head to Gertrude's home for special needs children. We all seemed to latch on to one specific child and love on them. Another perfect, perfect day full of growth, love, and changing hearts.

Day 3 Photo Diary

On day three, our group visited Grace Village located in Titanyen, a village outside of Port au Prince. We only toured it this time, but we go back later in the week to actually work with the kids.

They have a two chair dental clinic.

We took a group picture in the clinic waiting room. You can see the mountains behind us.

These are the new buildings on the Grace Village campus. Right now, the children live in dormitories. Soon, they'll be moving to these "units." There will be an adult living there too so that the children learn how a family works.

The school rooms are build sort of in the ground. There is a massive stone wall on one side to keep in the cool air. They learn English, French, and Spanish in school here.


This little girl grasped onto Erica and wouldn't let go. While we were in an area she couldn't go, she waited on the fence for us.

We also stumbled upon a girls' soccer game.

Silly face time!

Meghan, Spencer, Erica, and Emily are in there somewhere!

Group picture in front of the sign!
 Along with visiting the school, we also stopped in to visit four elders in Titanyen. We made them PB&J sandwiches and gave them water. We also washed their feet.

Marie is 104 years old. She made us all give her hugs when we walked in. As you can see, we also painted her toes.

After visiting the elders, we went to visit an orphanage. We made Salvation Bracelets with them and then sang and danced.

Making bracelets
We spent nearly an hour singing and dancing with the kids. We sang two songs and they sang around seven or eight.

Jordan Campagna

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Today, Tuesday June 3, our team had our first working day in Haiti. The rest of our team arrived safely from Miami. We then headed out to go to our first water truck stop in Cite Soleil. When getting off the truck all the children swarm and chant "hey you". They are the most precious and beautiful people I have ever seen. We followed with two more stops to deliver water where we got to love on more children and deliver more water to desperate families. God is working in this team as a whole and in every individual. He seems to have presented us with different attitudes and new perspectives. God is gracious, Haiti is life changing, and this adventure is fun:)

Monday, June 2, 2014

First night in Haiti

Made it safely to Haiti, but with only 4 team members. Due to mechanical problems our team members from Texas were delayed overnight in Miami. Luckily they ran into the team leaving Haiti on their way back to Minnesota! So my team got loved on by fellow Healing Haiti peeps. Alissa (from Minnesota) along with Emily, Erica (from Kentucky) and myself took a little tour around the grounds, met the new intern Laura, and played board games with Elisa and her sister! It was quite the sorority house tonight. The rest of the team arrives tomorrow morning so we can catch up with the water truck and not miss a beat!  Oh well FLEXIBLE is our middle name.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Less than 8 hours to go

Tomorrow is June 2, 2014. Once again I am to excited to sleep as I prepare to return to Haiti. I have seen how this country and its people have endured hurricanes, earthquakes and disease and yet continue on. I have met so many people over the years as I have served on this tiny island and am blessed to call many of them friends. We have shared laughter and tears but most of all a love for one another, the people of Haiti and a wonderful Savior in Jesus Christ. I will be taking a team of  13 people and I have only met one face to face. But we go united in our faith and the call God has placed on our hearts. I have dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's knowing God is in control and everything we accomplish this week is simply orchestrated to bring Glory to his name. Thank you to everyone who gave financially to make this trip possible for this team, are taking over things on the home front to lighten the burden as we are away from home and thank you for your continued prayers as we begin our journey.